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The 12 Principles of God’s Economy and Purpose of Wealth


The 12 Principles of God’s economy can be summarized as:

  1. God has given each of us talents in the forms of gifts, skills, and treasures based on our abilities. (Matthew 24:14-15)
  2. We each have a responsibility to exercise wise stewardship over those talents through trade. (Matthew 25:16-17)
  3. Whenever there is trade, there must be a profit. (Matthew 25:16-17)
  4. Profit is the fruit of proper stewardship and not the reward. (Matthew 25:20, 22)
    • Save for the time of lack
    • Reinvest in the business
    • Fulfill God’s covenant
      (Matthew 25:31-46, James 2:14-17, Deuteronomy 8:18)
      1. Feed the hungry
      2. Nourish the thirsty
      3. House the stranger
      4. Clothe the naked
      5. Visit the sick
      6. Visit those in prison
  5. Talents are given to be traded, not hidden. (Matthew 25:18)
    Each of us must render an account for the use of our talents. (Matthew 25:19)
  6. The reward of our stewardship is the increase of our responsibility and the entrance into the joy of the Lord—the ultimate fulfillment. (Matthew 25:21)
  7. Each of us will receive equal rewards in spite of the number of talents we start out with. (Matthew 25:22-23)
  8. Fear is often the root cause of poor stewardship of the talents God has given us. (Matthew 25:24-25)
  9. Those who hide their talents are considered wicked and slothful. (Matthew 25:26-27)
  10. God’s economy rewards productivity and punishes unproductivity. (Matthew 25:28-30)
  11. God’s economy is not fair; it is just. (Matthew 25:29)
The above is just one small topic we cover as part of our extensive and very comprehensive Biblical Entrepreneurship courses. Over 8,000 entrepreneurs have been through these resources in America, Europe, Africa and other countries.
To give you an opportunity to know more about our programs, we are holding seminars both in Sydney and Melbourne.
Sydney Venue:Restore Church
Address:181 Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate
Time:Thursday April 9th at 6.45 pm to 8.45 pm (Light refreshments provided)
This is a two hour free seminar and we have invited a very special speaker and authority in this subject from USA to share with us.
The topic for the evening is:

Purpose of Wealth which covers:
  • How wealth is created
  • Biblical understanding of wealth
  • God’s intentions for wealth
Please click here to know more about the speaker and registration details.
For those in Sydney, you may also contact Ron Edwards who is co-ordinating on our behalf.
About Ron
Ron Edwards owned and operated a Kingdom business, Care & Share Products Pty Ltd (formerly Christian Press) for over 30 years. A successful transition took place in 2012 with his youngest son becoming CEO and the eldest Chairman.
Prior to becoming a Christian in 1982, Ron was CEO of The Ramsay Group (largest Surgical, Dental, Scientific and Educational Supply Company in Australia) and prior to that General Manager of Abbott Laboratories, Diagnostics Division Australasia.
Ron is now CEO of Build a Kingdom Business with a call to train up marketplace Kingdom warriors.
Contact: & Mobile 0414412740
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